Invite in the space, calm, and silence of the Arctic Nature in Langanes peninsula, Iceland

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Ytra Lón Farm & Retreat

Immersion in Nature

The Magical land of Ytra Lón Farm & Retreat is offering space;

to sit in nature, with the birds, foxes, and lambs,
with Trolls, Elves, and Fairies,
with an abundance of medicinal plants.
with the healing water of the river and the ocean.
with the powerful energy of the mountains.

Your senses regenerate and expand. Your mind rediscovers natural contentment and peace.

We invite you to join us in Ytra Lón for silence and solitude, for your retreat in the Arctic. Our residents tell us that they experience;

total immersion in nature,
feeling its healing power
and become one with the Icelandic spirit.
They return home feeling revitalized, refreshed, healed
and knowing the changes they will make in their lives as a result of this time out.


Ytra Lón Farm & Retreat

Experience Ytra Lón


Rest, Relax & Restore/Refresh

Let Icelandic nature do the heavy mindset lifting for you.

Take in the sights and sounds of ancient volcanic hills, wild Icelandic horses, and waterfalls.

And breathe the clean, crisp air.

Submerge yourself in Icelandic nature, fully recharge your energy with Arctic Energy healing and discover what you’ve forgotten about yourself.

All in the calmest place in the world.

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Individual Retreat

Self-catering retreat

Self guided individual retreat in Arctic nature

7 days

Available all year round

From €860 / ISK 129.900 per person

Individual Retreat

All-Inclusive retreat

Self guided individual retreat in Arctic nature

7 days

Available May - September

From €1351 / ISK 191.900 per person

Group Retreat

Arctic Empath Retreat

Group retreat for empaths and HSPs in Arctic nature

7 days

Available 7.-14. August

From €3.000 / ISK 453.900 per person

Group Retreat

Write by the northernmost ocean

Inspiration in unparalleled stillness and peace

6 days

August 2024

From €1.525‎ / ISK 229.000 per person


Studio Apartments

Ytra Lón Farm & Retreat offers accommodation in 9 spacious studio apartments with a kitchenette and a private bathroom, equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Enjoy the patio with garden furniture and the hot tub with relaxing massage jets.

Perfect while experiencing an intensive retreat stay and after a day’s hike or tour.

We may be remote, but you can still keep in touch. Wifi is available in all areas.

In the evening the bar in ‘Gamli Bær’ welcomes our guests, so you can share your stories, interests, and unique experiences of the day.

25 square meters

1-2 person apartment

Spacious, Inviting & Colorful for a memorable stay.

Double / Twin bed

Fully equipped kitchen

Private bathroom w. shower

Free Wifi

25 square meters

3 person apartment

Cozy, Colorful & Comfortable for a relaxing memorable stay.

Double + single bed / 3 single beds

Fully equipped kitchen

Private bathroom w. shower

Free Wifi


Energy Healing

Purify your energy, so you can stay grounded and stable and avoid all the noise around you, which means you live your life with ease and without getting exhausted.
(This works even if you have no experience with energy healing and have no idea how it works)
Did you know that we can suffer from energetic pollution? It leaves you confused, jumpy and tired. Luckily, it’s easy to tap into pure, calming Arctic energy sources to restore yourself and raise your energy levels.

Are you a retreat leader & would like to offer an Arctic destination to one of your trips? Co-create an Arctic retreat with us!

Food & Drinks


Start your day with a delicious Icelandic breakfast buffet with local and homemade products, including delicious smoked meat and fish and homemade rhubarb preserves. Served in our restaurant.

For dinner, there is the choice of organic lamb from our farm or plump pink trout from the lake.

Lunches are provided ready-packed for you so that you are free to
spend all day exploring.

About us

Farmlife & retreat

Hi, we’re Mirjam and Sverrir and we’re lucky enough to live in one of the purest places on earth, Iceland. Welcome to Ytra Lón retreat and farm!

Ytra Lón is in an area known for its birdlife and quiet, Langanes, in the far North East of the country. In the winter it’s blanketed with snow, in the spring it’s teeming with birds and in the summer it’s covered with flowers.

You can be sure of a warm welcome when you arrive and great service and a stunning natural environment while you’re here. What’s more, you’ll leave feeling completely refreshed.

At Ytra Lón you can take tours of the local area, stay in our studios and enjoy a restful retreat.


What our guests say


‘’Langanes is a very special region of Iceland. It is not on the map of the average tourist looking to check Iceland off her bucket list. People who come to this far-flung outpost have specific interests and goals - birds, quietude, a sense of isolation, wide open spaces, interest in local history.

Ytra Lón comes as a surprise. It is a working farm. The rooms are large, fitted with a mini kitchen and fridge, and tastefully furnished. To find this level of comfort in such a remote location is a blessing.

Highly recommended.’’

Perfect oasis of peace

‘’I really enjoyed my time in this charming place when staying in a spacious studio apartment. I appreciated a peaceful environment, liked my evening stroll along the river and a nice talk with my hosts. I even had a chance to explore their farm, meet horses and watch the sheepdog training.

I recommend joining one of the Langanes tours organized from Ytra Lón. It was amazing to listen to the stories of local farmers, discover more about Icelanders in general and on top of that admire a huge colony of gannets nesting on cliffs in Skoruvíkurbjarg. ‘’

Amazing place to stay!

‘'Wonderful place, lonely and hauntingly beautiful. Delightful studio, comfy bed, amazing set up, welcoming host and delicious food with many homemade delicacies. A place to remember and to recommend without reservation.''

The location

Langanes peninsula

Find solitude at the Arctic Coastway

Ytra Lón Farm & Retreat is situated in the midst of Langanes Peninsula, on the far reaches of one of Iceland’s most remote corners. As far as one can get from Iceland‘s capital.

The peninsula stretches for 40km into the ocean and culminates with Fontur at its very tip. Popular with bird watchers, hikers, and seekers of solitude, Langanes boasts the third largest gannet nesting site in the world. It is also here that thousands of kittiwakes, puffins, and guillemots fly in every year in May and June to breed and congregate along the towering cliffs that make up their summer breeding grounds.

Langanes Peninsula is a wonderful walking country, with spectacular scenery and routes for all abilities. There are hiking trails leading directly out from Ytra Lón, some less than 2 hours, others taking several days.

There is so much to see along the peninsula. Tackle the 719m tall Gunnólfsvíkurfjall, the area’s highest peak. Or climb the “Misty Mountain” or Heiðarfjall, where the remains of an old NATO radar station still stand from the Cold War.

The abandoned village of Skálar, once a prosperous fishing settlement, is worth exploring too. At the peninsula’s tip stands the Fontur lighthouse, dating back to 1910. It provides mariners guidance along the perilous cliffs, where many ships have been wrecked. The Engelskagjá (English Gorge) there commemorates a group of English sailors who died after their ship crashed against the dangerous rocks.

Most important of all, here you experience wild nature, with the birds, foxes, and lambs, With Trolls, Elves and Fairies. With an abundance of medicinal plants. With the healing water of the river and the ocean. With the powerful energy of the mountains. Your senses regenerate and expand. Your mind rediscovers natural contentment and peace.

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