Energy Healing

What to expect?

In this Energy Healing, you will purify your energy, so you can stay grounded and stable and avoid all the noise around you. You will live your life with ease and without getting exhausted. You don’t have to have any experience with energy healing to get the full experience.

Have you experienced energetic pollution? It leaves you confused, jumpy and tired. Luckily, with our retreats, you can easily tap into pure, calming Arctic energy sources to restore yourself and raise your energy levels.

About me

Sæl, I’m Mirjam and I live in one of the purest places on earth, at the top of the world in Iceland. I’ve learned how to invite in the space, calm, and silence of the Arctic Nature and animals around me. Now I can share these refreshing energies with you so that you too can feel grounded, powerful, and energized. And that means your life becomes joyous and lighter and your connections with others become easier.

Arctic Energy Healing

What is it?

What are the healing sessions like?
All of the healing sessions are all done while I am in deep meditation. I connect to you on a deep energetic level and send the healing to you telepathically. The sessions are generally very relaxing and peaceful.

What should you do during the healing session?
During the actual time of the healing, it is most helpful is you can be in a relaxed, peaceful state. All you really need to do is relax and receive the healing energies. together.

Before we start our journey together we talk bout why you are seeking healing and what you would like to accomplish. So you get the best out of our sessions.

Arctic Energy Healing is a powerful – yet gentle, energy healing system that allows very high vibrational energies to work upon your body to help release physical, ancestral, emotional, and karmic imbalances across all times and incarnations.
It acts on the body, emotions, and the mind at the same time, getting to the root of the problem and healing it.

This is distance energy healing, which is just as effective as in-person energy healing. This is because energy is not restricted by time and space. During an Arctic Energy Healing, I am simply a bridge for the healing energy to pass to the recipient.

At the beginning of each session, I tune in to the healing energies of the Arctic, Mother Earth, and our healing guides.

This healing energy will be sent through me into your body to the parts that need to be healed. Your body absorbs only as much healing energy it needs to heal. At the end of the session, whilst still connected to your energy field, I will draw an Angel card for you and share its message. I also receive a message with some homework for you for the next week.

While the healing is taking place, you may experience inner calm, peace, and uplifting feelings. Our guides send you their unconditional love and will take your worries and fears away. Sometimes unexpected emotions may surface but this is part of the healing process. Allow yourself to process the emotions. You may see things behind your eyelids, like colours, lights, shapes, a whole scene with animals and nature – or you may not see anything at all. Whatever happens to you is totally normal. The healing is working, no matter what you see or don’t see.

Is it something for you?

It’s helpful for:






Lack of goals


Low vibrational thinking

Repetitive karmic patterns



Highly Sensitive People

Energy Healing

Power of the Arctic

Declutter Heart & Mind

2. March 2022

5 min taster sessions


3 months of Arctic Energy

Pure Arctic Healing

15. March 2022

6 bi-weekly sessions


Healing with nature

Empaths Empowering Journey

1. October 2022

6 months


Dear Mirjam,
Thank you so much for yesterday's amazing experience. I'm glad that I listened to my feelings and responded to your call - energetic healing is usually not my thing. During the session, I felt warm and cozy, and deeply relaxed, and later on, I felt the change in my thoughts about my issue.
I felt that I could let go of something that wasn't possible for me to let go, like your healing filled a cup that was empty before. And it's still rolling 🙂
Thank you so much!


Dear Mirjam

Thank you for the Arctic Healing.
On the day, I realized just too late that I had miscalculated the time difference, so by the time I went outside my office to receive the healing, it was about half an hour after it took place from your side. But, as you say, we are working across time and space.
I decided to take a walk around our grounds at work as I tuned into your healing, it is past some huge trees and quite peaceful.

So, I did, amazingly, feel a connection to the arctic. And a sweet healing energy, that penetrates deep through my being.
Which I gratefully accept. Even now, when I think back, I can sense it.
I have no idea how this works, how much of it is my own imagination, what comes from you and the Arctic, but it is a beautiful combination and a good feeling.
As it happens (as life happens) it is linking to some other quiet healing practices I am doing with breathing meditation.
An interesting experience here in the South, where it is a hot, dry spring.
Received with gratitude.

Warm regards


Working with Mirjam has made a huge impact on me. Having grown up " the black sheep" in the family I never had a sense of belonging, anywhere. The healing sessions with Mirjam have helped me not only to open up my heart to unconditional love and to a deep connection with life itself. It has healed my feeling of being unwanted all my life.
And the funny thing is, I've been healed in such a profound way, it is hard to remember what I really felt like before.
Thank you Mirjam, it has been life changing.

Esther van der Wijk

My healing sessions with Mirjam helped me soothe my anxiety, and better understand who I am.

The sessions were relaxing and easy to understand. The experience was thought-provoking and heart-moving.

In our sessions, Mirjam guided my spirit to transcend the space-time reality we live in, to explore things about my past. I found memories I did not know I had, and learned how they relate to my present feelings.

Mirjam has a special gift of intuition and compassion, that made me feel safe to trust her guidance into finding unresolved emotional wounds. Then we followed her suggestions on how to handle them.

The end result was feeling more clear, light, and joyful.

Thank you again Mirjam 🙂

And the funny thing is, I've been healed in such a profound way, it is hard to remember what I really felt like before.
Thank you Mirjam, it has been life changing.

Hans Bruz


What our guests say


‘’Langanes is a very special region of Iceland. It is not on the map of the average tourist looking to check Iceland off her bucket list. People who come to this far-flung outpost have specific interests and goals - birds, quietude, a sense of isolation, wide open spaces, interest in local history.

Ytra Lón comes as a surprise. It is a working farm. The rooms are large, fitted with a mini kitchen and fridge, and tastefully furnished. To find this level of comfort in such a remote location is a blessing.

Highly recommended.’’

Perfect oasis of peace

‘’I really enjoyed my time in this charming place when staying in a spacious studio apartment. I appreciated a peaceful environment, liked my evening stroll along the river and a nice talk with my hosts. I even had a chance to explore their farm, meet horses and watch the sheepdog training.

I recommend joining one of the Langanes tours organized from Ytra Lón. It was amazing to listen to the stories of local farmers, discover more about Icelanders in general and on top of that admire a huge colony of gannets nesting on cliffs in Skoruvíkurbjarg. ‘’

Amazing place to stay!

‘'Wonderful place, lonely and hauntingly beautiful. Delightful studio, comfy bed, amazing set up, welcoming host and delicious food with many homemade delicacies. A place to remember and to recommend without reservation.''


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