Energy Healing

Pure Arctic Healing
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3 months

Group Size

Min 2 – Max 6



6 healing sessions, Mirjam tunes into you before, during, and after each session


6 bi-weekly sessions


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Coming soon!

Pure Arctic Healing

About this Energy healing

Did you know that we can suffer from energetic pollution? It leaves you confused, jumpy, and tired. And sometimes you don’t even know what you’re feeling anymore, which means you can get confused by everything going on around you.

Here’s the problem you face: Life’s pretty uncertain at the moment and you are surrounded by other peoples’ negative energies. If you don’t do anything about these energies, you could get sucked into the negativity too. And that can mean doing what you love to do turns into a hard slog instead of a joy. Or you use up all your energy on your work or clients and have none left over for you or your loved ones.
Luckily, it’s easy to tap into pure, calming Arctic energy sources to restore yourself and raise your energy levels. And the best news is: you don’t even need to get on a plane to experience this.

Let me introduce you to the Pure Arctic Healing Sessions:

Breathe in the primal Arctic energies, leaving you refreshed and invigorated so that you have more energy for your life, clients, and loved ones

6 bi-weekly 60-minute online sessions, meaning you can tune in in your sweatpants from the comfort of your favorite armchair (and no need to move the cat)

Untangle the energies that you’ve taken on which were never yours in the first place, so that you can undo and prevent unnecessary exhaustion

These zero effort sessions are perfect if you’re feeling stressed or tired. I activate the energies you need so that you can easily relax and find calmness.

The effects of these sessions are deep, fast, and long-lasting, which means you don’t have to wait forever to feel the benefits.

 I work with a deeply intuitive technique to tune into what you need. That means you get great results without ever having to explain what’s going on. Your privacy is assured.

I grew up surrounded by Nature and in the company of animals. There’s nothing I like better than having my hands in the dirt. I know how busy life can get and I understand how to help you connect to the calm Icelandic energies, whatever’s going on around you. I work in realms I can’t explain in words, but you can definitely feel.

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What our guests say


‘’Langanes is a very special region of Iceland. It is not on the map of the average tourist looking to check Iceland off her bucket list. People who come to this far-flung outpost have specific interests and goals - birds, quietude, a sense of isolation, wide open spaces, interest in local history.

Ytra Lón comes as a surprise. It is a working farm. The rooms are large, fitted with a mini kitchen and fridge, and tastefully furnished. To find this level of comfort in such a remote location is a blessing.

Highly recommended.’’

Perfect oasis of peace

‘’I really enjoyed my time in this charming place when staying in a spacious studio apartment. I appreciated a peaceful environment, liked my evening stroll along the river and a nice talk with my hosts. I even had a chance to explore their farm, meet horses and watch the sheepdog training.

I recommend joining one of the Langanes tours organized from Ytra Lón. It was amazing to listen to the stories of local farmers, discover more about Icelanders in general and on top of that admire a huge colony of gannets nesting on cliffs in Skoruvíkurbjarg. ‘’

Amazing place to stay!

‘'Wonderful place, lonely and hauntingly beautiful. Delightful studio, comfy bed, amazing set up, welcoming host and delicious food with many homemade delicacies. A place to remember and to recommend without reservation.''


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